Beautifully and wonderfully made

Valentine’s Day is less than a week away which can be something to look forward to for those who are happy in love; but what about us single folks? In all honesty ; for us it can be another day to reflect on past relational hurt or failures. What was and what could of been.... and then inadequacy tried to creep in. We want to take a opportunity you express how those feelings are actually natural. It’s natural to feel somewhat of a void when witnessing the abundance of love in others while you’re last date was takeout... solo.

But Even after Valentine’s Day surpasses and those feelings still want to creep in remember all the positive qualities about yourself that are actually valued. Yea valued! It’s easy to find fault when you feel as if you’re lacking in something but life is perspective. Whether you realize it or not you offer something truly special that society is missing. Your gifts, personality and abilities are a blessing to others that love you. Not necessarily relational but in the form of family, friendship, close coworkers and most importantly the love of God! Love is multifaceted and comes in many forms but the love of God is eternal and unconditional. Through experiencing his love we able to truly be a gem to others;).

 So this Valentine’s Day if you have those romantic plans laid out for that special someone; cherish that moment but don’t let it stop there. Continue to show love on a daily basis. There never needs to be an “appropriate time” to show love. Just show it freely and abundantly. For those who don’t have that bae for Valentine’s Day don’t park there in your singleness. There are so many ways to show love people close to you even if it isn’t in the form in relationship. There are ways to treat yourself and appreciate the value you have even if you don’t currently have a relationship. Love isn’t one dimensional. The best love story may actually be written right now within you. Make it a best seller!:)



model in image Amber J Stowell

photo credit Marguerita Newton