“Esther” chiffon wedding gown

“Esther” chiffon wedding gown

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Romance met bohemian aesthetics and birthed this beauty! Whenever we think of a wedding we thing of it as a women’s opportunity to showcase her true beauty while making a bold statement. The “Esther” chiffon wedding gown channels the biblical story of Esther; and how not only her external beauty stood out but her internal a well. Her willingness to stay true to her core values regardless of what society says... that’s who this dress is for! A woman who found her purpose and pursuing it with her king!

 This dress has a v neckline; with mesh underlay and full lantern sleeves. The steaminess of its silhouette along with triple layered chiffon skirt will make the bride feel like she’s out of a fairytale! The bodice have exquisite hand beaded and sequin detailing along with floral accents. Deep v back and center back zipped enclosed.


reference measurement chart below 

Sizing chart


30 to 32 bust

24 waist to 26 waist



32 to 34 bust

26 waist to 28

max 36 hips



36 to 38 bust

28 waist to 30 waist

max  40 hips




38 to 40 bust

30 waist to 32 waist

max 44 hips



*40 to 42 bust

32 waist to 36 waist

max 48 hips



42 to 46 bust

36 waist to 40

max 54 hips



46 bust and up

40 waist to 50 waist

Max 60 hips